Mixsoon Blending Case


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Description : The solution is highly cost-effective thanks to the mixing case design, which allows the essence to permeate only the pad. By fusing two or more essences, you can easily create your own mixed pack. After using the mini mask, simply rinse the mixing case with water and dry it for hygienic use. Perfect to take while traveling or leaving the house as it fits comfortably in your backpack and can be used anywhere. Leave some pads in the case, pour the desired amount of Mixsoon product or products. Make sure you properly soak the pads and use them as a face mask.

Mode of Use

1) Place an appropriate amount of Skin-pack pad into the Blending Case.

2) Choose mixsoon products that contain the ingredients your skin needs.

3) After mixing them in the desired proportion, apply it to the area that requires intensive care for about 10 minutes.

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