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Toner redondo Lab 1025 Dokdo


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Description: Round Lab 1025 Dokdo Toner will be the tonic that has been awarded 3 years in a row as the best tonic in South Korea. In just one step, it intensely moisturizes your skin and also exerts a gentle exfoliating effect, helping to eliminate dead cells and toxins from inside the pores. Its secret lies in its base of mineral water from the deep waters of Korea's Dokdo Island.

Its formula, rich in ingredients, contains Panthenol, a very beneficial vitamin for sensitive skin and that actively participates in the regeneration of the dermis. Allantoin has a powerful healing effect, which heals the skin and helps reduce the appearance of spots and redness.

How to use: Apply with the help of a cotton pad on the face or if you prefer, apply directly with the palms of your hands and massage to help absorption. Repeat this process 3 to 5 times if you need more hydration.

Suitable: Combination skin, sensitive skin, dry skin, mature skin, wrinkled skin, dull skin, uneven skin, hyperpigmentation, all skin types.

Size: 100ml/200ml

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